Off The Wall: College Degree Required for Elected Officials

Kyle Smith writes… Howard Dean recently criticized Gov Scott Walker for never finishing college, stating that he was “unknowledgeable.” What would your response be on college as a requirement for elected office? Hi Kyle Back in 1990, The QVC Cable Shopping Channel was conducting a national talent search. I had no qualifications to speak of, but I needed a job, and thought TV might be a fun way to pay the bills. So I showed up at The Marriott in downtown Baltimore with a few hundred other hopefuls, and waited for a chance to audition. When it was my turn, Read More

A Pithy Valentine to the Stuff that really Matters

OFF THE WALL I sat down a few minutes ago to write something whimsical and amusing about Valentines Day, but got distracted by the rich tapestry of random musings filling my wall. This one jumped out. It’s not so much whimsical or amusing, but it made feel good about our efforts with mikeroweWORKS. On the one hand, it’s a short thank-you note from an Englishman who likes watching Dirty Jobs on the telly. On the other hand, it’s a story about real life, hard work, true love, alternative education, and skilled labor – in barely 400 words. In other words, Read More

Off The Wall: Minimum Wage

Hi Mike, The federal minimum wage is $7.25 and hour. A lot of people think it should be raised to $10.10. Seattle now pays $15 an hour, and the The Freedom Socialist Party is demanding a $20 living wage for every working person. What do you think about the minimum wage? How much do you think a Big Mac will cost if McDonald’s had to pay all their employees $20 an hour? Darrell Paul Hi Darrell Back in 1979, I was working as an usher for United Artists at a multiplex in Baltimore. The minimum wage was $2.90, and I Read More

Year End Bobblehead Frenzy

I just got off the phone with my Dad. He asked me what was new, and I told him someone just bought the very first Mike Rowe Bobblehead. “What’s a Bobblehead?” he asked. “It’s a little statue,” I explained, “with an oversized head that bobs and wiggles around on a spring. They’re collectible.” “What’s the point,” he said? “I mean, what do they do, just stand there and shake?” “Pretty much,” I said. “Although mine talks when you press a button.” “Really? What’s it say?” My father is suspicious of talking objects. “Different things,” I said. “You know, stuff I’ve Read More

You Have One New Message – “The Grinch Song” for Samantha

Samantha Romano writes, “Mike – Last year, you recorded the Grinch song on your answering machine. If you do it again, while wearing your bathrobe, I’ll send your foundation $500. If you can get Freddy to howl along some harmony, I’ll make it a thousand. Merry Christmas!” Hi Samantha That’s very generous of you. Please see below. I couldn’t get him to howl, but the tongue-bath has to count for something, right? Mike Post by Mike Rowe. Mike’s Facebook Page

Look Out World… Nic’s gonna be an Electrician!

Todd Ducheny writes, Hey Mike I just wanted to pass on a HUGE THANK YOU to the mikeroweWORKS foundation and the opportunity you have given my son Nic DuCheny. A month or so ago, Nic found out that he had been awarded a mikeroweWORKS scholarship to attend Western Dakota Technical Institute (WDTI) to pursue a career in the Electrical Trades. That scholarship was in the amount of $2500. Nic was pretty excited, as this was less money he would have to take in student loans. Well, I just got back from the mail box, and there was a letter addressed Read More

Holy C.R.A.P. – It’s Black Friday!

The time has come to once again bolster the dwindling coffers at The mikeroweWORKS Foundation by selling my personal crap to the highest bidder. This particular piece of CRAP, (Collectibles Rare And Precious,) has hung proudly on my wall for the last year. Now, it needs a new home, and I can think of no finer destination than your humble abode. Behold the attached video, and tell me you don’t agree. The money goes for work ethic scholarships, so bid high and recklessly. Thanks – Mike PS This AmazonSmile thing has been a huge help to the Foundation. If you Read More

mikeroweWORKS Watch Purchased for $4,050!

  Last week, I gave my watch to Chris Cuomo, who appeared to be coveting it during our interview on New Day. He then offered it for sale on-line, and promised to give the proceeds to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. Well, one thing lead to another, and eventually, my $35 mikeroweWORKS watch was purchased for $4,050.00. That’s four-thousand and fifty US dollars. This kind of generosity never ceases to amaze me, and I just wanted to personally thank everyone else who overbid in such a dramatic fashion, especially Tracy Everett, who coughed up the gelt in question. When my office asked Read More

Great Bobble-Head Adventure

OFF THE WALL There appears to some confusion around my GBA, (Great Bobble-Head Adventure,) as well as some consternation. Lots of comments like these are on The Wall. Michael Burman – “Well! This is most unfortunate, as the only bidders who will eventually lay claim to your American made Bobble-head, will be those fortunate enough to have a substantial amount of renumeration!” 11:34 AM, 10/14/14 Robert Slayton – “Since most of us blue collar American fans of yours out here cannot afford to put out the kind of coin it is going to take to obtain one of these….maybe you Read More