Off The Wall: St. Patrick’s Day

    Hey Mike Rowe – St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and I was hoping you might sing something appropriate. If you do so in an Irish accent, I’ll buy a case of your grandfather’s whiskey. And if you incorporate something green into the video, I’ll donate $1,000 to your foundation. Denise Mehan Hi Denise, Please see below. And get out your checkbook…         Mike’s Facebook Page

College at Any Price

This is an important chart, and one worth sharing. Why? Because it’s utterly irrelevant, inherently stupid, deliberately flawed, and completely predictable. Indeed, the ubiquity of this chart, and the nonsense therein, is precisely why the cost of a four-year degree in America has risen faster than the cost of food, real-estate, energy, and healthcare. In short, this chart and the attached article is another advertisement for “college at any price,” and sadly, it’s effective. Propaganda like this is very good at reinforcing the pernicious idea that a college degree is the proximate cause of a healthy paycheck, and a mandatory Read More