The Way I Heard It is a collection of mysteries. It’s also a memoir. You might call it a “memstery,” but that’s not really a word. So let’s just call it what it is – a book.

This book began as a collection of podcast transcripts— a simple attempt to satisfy listeners who wanted a written version of my weekly homage to Paul Harvey’s, The Rest of the Story. But that seemed like a lazy way to write a book. So, I began to write new material to explain why I wrote the stories I did. But that “new material” got completely out of hand and turned into something “not brief.” Something deeply personal and entirely unexpected.

The result is a weird mix of biography and auto-biography, mystery and memory, truth and things I believe to be true. You’ll learn about my time in the opera, my many humiliations in home shopping, and my various run-ins with dirty jobbers, Hollywood celebrities, and of course, my mom and dad. Mostly though, you’ll learn why I write about famous people I’ve never met and what I discovered about myself in the process.

It’s not the book I sat down to write; it is, however, the book that wanted to be written.

It’s The Way I Heard It.








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