Year End Bobblehead Frenzy

I just got off the phone with my Dad. He asked me what was new, and I told him someone just bought the very first Mike Rowe Bobblehead. “What’s a Bobblehead?” he asked. “It’s a little statue,” I explained, “with an oversized head that bobs and wiggles around on a spring. They’re collectible.” “What’s the point,” he said? “I mean, what do they do, just stand there and shake?” “Pretty much,” I said. “Although mine talks when you press a button.” “Really? What’s it say?” My father is suspicious of talking objects. “Different things,” I said. “You know, stuff I’ve Read More

Deadliest Catch’s Johnathan Hillstrand offers his kids’s books & Mike gives the coat off his back for C.R.A.P.

Another big day in the wide, wide world of C.R.A.P. (Collectibles Rare And Precious). My good friend Johnathan Hillstrand of Deadliest Catch — captain of the F/V Time Bandit and lover of motorcycles, broncos and women (he’s been thrown from all three) — has written a book: “Crab boat captain turned children’s book author” Three books, in fact: The Adventures of Little Bird: Pirate Dreams, The Adventures of Joey and Andy Crab: Crab Day Afternoon and The Adventures of Joey, Andy and Little Bird: A Pirate’s Treasure. And not only did Johnathan write them, he illustrated them as well. Through Read More