Mrs. Frazier’s Exploding Toilet

Once upon a time, (2005, as I recall,) a nice lady named Mrs. Frazier awoke to an unaccustomed sound emanating from the lower level of her modest home in Staten Island. It began as a “gurgling,” evolved into a “babbling,” and quickly grew into a series of growls and barks, interspersed with the sounds a giant might make if he were trying to clear his throat of all the phlegm in the world. Alarmed, Mrs. Frazier stood at the top of her stairs and peered cautiously down, wondering why some escaped demon from hell had chosen her home to chew Read More

Off The Wall: WCW Wrestling?

Teresa Ann Isaacs writes: “Hey Mike! Remember this? The description said that you did a gig for “WCW” wrestling…… Is that true? Or are my eyes deceiving me.” Hi Teresa Troubling. There’s no doubt this is me. But honestly, I have no recollection of where this happened or what I was doing there. Obviously, I’m impersonating a host, as I’ve been doing for the last few decades, and clearly, it was some time ago. But I have no details or amusing anecdote to share. “Halloween Havoc?” Really? When I get back home tomorrow, I’ll dig out the old journals and Read More


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