Holy C.R.A.P. – It’s Black Friday!

The time has come to once again bolster the dwindling coffers at The mikeroweWORKS Foundation by selling my personal crap to the highest bidder.

This particular piece of CRAP, (Collectibles Rare And Precious,) has hung proudly on my wall for the last year. Now, it needs a new home, and I can think of no finer destination than your humble abode. Behold the attached video, and tell me you don’t agree. The money goes for work ethic scholarships, so bid high and recklessly.

Thanks – Mike

PS This AmazonSmile thing has been a huge help to the Foundation. If you plan on shopping on Amazon from the comfort of your couch like a civilized person, please, for the love of God, signup for the Smile program first and make sure you’re signed in every time you order. Then, go here and enjoy the smug sense of superiority I attain by conspicuously avoiding that pit of despair we know as The Mall.

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