Off The Wall: Why are you so upset?

Carsen Meyer writes… I genuinely respect you, Mike Rowe. I love all the shows you produce, and I greatly admire the work you do with your foundation. But I can NOT in good conscience watch ANYTHING endorsed by the deeply DESPICABLE Mike Huckabee! Mike Huckabee is right-wing NUTJOB out to destroy the very people you want to help!! And TBN is no better!! They prey on the WEAK and GULLIABLE! I’m very sorry, but I have NO CHOICE but to UNFOLLOW you and your page!!! Hi Carsen I can see from those caps and exclamation points that you’re genuinely distraught Read More

Bobblehead News & 3-Day Auction!

As you may have heard, my odyssey to mass-produce a high-quality, competitively-priced Bobblehead entirely in the USA is now complete, and the results are coming to a future episode of Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that much of what I suspected was confirmed. We succeeded on the “high-quality part,” but fell short on “competitively-priced” and “mass-produced” part. The reasons for this are complicated, and best explained by actual economist. But the bottom line is this: it is simply impossible in today’s global market to mass-produce a high-quality, American-made Bobblehead, at a competitive Read More

Year End Bobblehead Frenzy

I just got off the phone with my Dad. He asked me what was new, and I told him someone just bought the very first Mike Rowe Bobblehead. “What’s a Bobblehead?” he asked. “It’s a little statue,” I explained, “with an oversized head that bobs and wiggles around on a spring. They’re collectible.” “What’s the point,” he said? “I mean, what do they do, just stand there and shake?” “Pretty much,” I said. “Although mine talks when you press a button.” “Really? What’s it say?” My father is suspicious of talking objects. “Different things,” I said. “You know, stuff I’ve Read More