Look Out World… Nic’s gonna be an Electrician!

Todd Ducheny writes,

Hey Mike

I just wanted to pass on a HUGE THANK YOU to the mikeroweWORKS foundation and the opportunity you have given my son Nic DuCheny. A month or so ago, Nic found out that he had been awarded a mikeroweWORKS scholarship to attend Western Dakota Technical Institute (WDTI) to pursue a career in the Electrical Trades. That scholarship was in the amount of $2500.

Nic was pretty excited, as this was less money he would have to take in student loans. Well, I just got back from the mail box, and there was a letter addressed to him from the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. Since he isn’t home right now I decided to open it and give it a read. I was stunned after reading the first paragraph. The letter basically stated that “due to the generosity of others,” Nik was being granted additional scholarship funds from mikeroweWORKS! The amount is enough to ensure that he will not have to take any student loans!

I can’t say it enough, thank you Mike Rowe. Thank you for starting your foundation. Thank you for offering students a chance to get in to a career debt free/nearly debt free. Thank you for standing up to those that think a 4 year, $60k student loan debt is the way America should move forward.

You and your foundation are great people.
Thank you so much.

Todd A. Ducheny

Todd –

You and Nic are most certainly welcome. Personally, we at mikeroweWORKS feel lucky and blessed to get letters like this one, which I just found buried on my Wall. I’m sharing it not because it should be seen by everyone on this page who has supported The mikeroweWORKS Foundation by purchasing my various and sundry C.R.A.P. Yesterday for instance, Jana Babatunde-Bey bought a snare drum donated by Queen Latifa for nearly $5,000. (Thanks Jana! Thanks Queen!) That money goes straight to the foundation, and rewards kids like Nic who are committed to mastering a useful trade.

That kind of largess, combined with thousands of more modest purchases, have allowed us to raise money and reward work ethic in a way that makes me truly happy. That’s the “generosity of others” I was referring to in the letter you received, and we would be nowhere without it.

Anyway, I’m so glad Nic is on the path he’s on, and know I speak for everyone here when I say good luck to you both, and Merry Christmas!


PS. Everything here is still for sale, and waiting to be stuffed into a stocking. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Foundation.

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