DEWALT Contribution to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation Provides Additional Support for SkillsUSA Scholarships in 2015

Assistance for Students to Demonstrate their Skills Leesburg, Va. — SkillsUSA is pleased to announce that the mikeroweWORKS Foundation is increasing the number of scholarships for SkillsUSA member students to attend the National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, June 22-26. The total amount available for scholarships will increase from $50,000 in prior years to $75,000 because of the very generous recent donation by DEWALT. The contribution by DEWALT is in addition to the other support already committed to the 2015 SkillsUSA competition. DEWALT has been a dedicated supporter of SkillsUSA for over 15 years. This is the fifth Read More

Bobblehead News & 3-Day Auction!

As you may have heard, my odyssey to mass-produce a high-quality, competitively-priced Bobblehead entirely in the USA is now complete, and the results are coming to a future episode of Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that much of what I suspected was confirmed. We succeeded on the “high-quality part,” but fell short on “competitively-priced” and “mass-produced” part. The reasons for this are complicated, and best explained by actual economist. But the bottom line is this: it is simply impossible in today’s global market to mass-produce a high-quality, American-made Bobblehead, at a competitive Read More

Year End Bobblehead Frenzy

I just got off the phone with my Dad. He asked me what was new, and I told him someone just bought the very first Mike Rowe Bobblehead. “What’s a Bobblehead?” he asked. “It’s a little statue,” I explained, “with an oversized head that bobs and wiggles around on a spring. They’re collectible.” “What’s the point,” he said? “I mean, what do they do, just stand there and shake?” “Pretty much,” I said. “Although mine talks when you press a button.” “Really? What’s it say?” My father is suspicious of talking objects. “Different things,” I said. “You know, stuff I’ve Read More

You Have One New Message – “The Grinch Song” for Samantha

Samantha Romano writes, “Mike – Last year, you recorded the Grinch song on your answering machine. If you do it again, while wearing your bathrobe, I’ll send your foundation $500. If you can get Freddy to howl along some harmony, I’ll make it a thousand. Merry Christmas!” Hi Samantha That’s very generous of you. Please see below. I couldn’t get him to howl, but the tongue-bath has to count for something, right? Mike Post by Mike Rowe. Mike’s Facebook Page

Look Out World… Nic’s gonna be an Electrician!

Todd Ducheny writes, Hey Mike I just wanted to pass on a HUGE THANK YOU to the mikeroweWORKS foundation and the opportunity you have given my son Nic DuCheny. A month or so ago, Nic found out that he had been awarded a mikeroweWORKS scholarship to attend Western Dakota Technical Institute (WDTI) to pursue a career in the Electrical Trades. That scholarship was in the amount of $2500. Nic was pretty excited, as this was less money he would have to take in student loans. Well, I just got back from the mail box, and there was a letter addressed Read More