Mike Rowe My Life – A Knight, That Works All Day…

Work Ethic Wednesdays, (on a Thursday.)

Perhaps there are more important matters to discuss on this particular Thursday, than my attempts to award one million dollars in work ethic scholarships to a new batch of people who wish to learn a skill that’s in demand.

On the other hand, when the coronavirus finally shuffles off its mortal coil, the need for skilled tradespeople will be keener than ever, and my foundation would love to help train the next generation. Which is why I’m interrupting our current panic to invite YOU to apply today for a work-ethic scholarship. That’s what Victoria Knight did, and holy crap, look what happened next.

Today, Victoria is running her own business, and doing what she says she was born to do. With a really big hammer. Check out the video below. Then, go here to see the rest of her story. https://bit.ly/33MwfJv

I don’t want to overstate it, but Victoria Knight, and her Dad, (and her boyfriend) are the essence of these United States. If she reminds you of you, apply today, at mikeroweWORKS.org/scholarship.

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