Thank You Wolverine, Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, and You!

Well, you’ve done it again. You’ve completely upended projections and baffled the prognosticators with your enthusiastic response to my latest fundraiser, which everyone thought would last through October. In other words, you bought 300 pair of high end boots in record time, to benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

As I type this, everything is sold out, but for a few pair of size 7.5. I’m humbled, and very grateful to you all. One hundred percent of the money will benefit the next round of work ethic scholarships at mikeroweWORKS. As always, you can rest assured every penny will be spent with great discretion.

I want to thank my old friends at Wolverine Boots & Apparel for making another terrific handmade boot, and for being so generous with my foundation. I also want to thank my new friends at Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, for participating in such a unique collaboration, and for sending along some of the best bourbon available on planet earth. For those of you who didn’t hear about this fundraiser until it was over, I do apologize, but this really did happen much faster than anyone could reasonably anticipate. Two years ago, it took three weeks to sell one hundred and fifty pair. This year, it took three hours to sell three hundred. Go figure.

Again, this is all your fault, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Many, many thanks,


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