Those Seeking a 4-year Degree

“The federal government spends more than $160 billion to help people go to college via loans, tax credits and grants, versus around $20 billion on career and technical education and job training. Of the $70 billion in funds controlled by the federal Department of Education directly in 2018, about half went to Pell grants (which support low income students mainly in four-year bachelor’s programs), but only $1.83 billion, or roughly 2.5 percent, to students for “Career, Technical, and Adult Education.”

This is an amazing article. It’s long, and I don’t imagine most of you will read it. But if you’re at all curious as to why my foundation does not offer scholarships to those seeking a four-year degree, or why I’m struggling to give away a million dollars by the end of March, give it a look. It sums up most of what I think is broken in higher education, and perfectly explains the madness of wealthy people funding wealthy Ivy League schools.

Or, just reread the quote above, and direct anyone you know who’s willing to learn a skill that’s in demand to, to apply for a work ethic scholarship.

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The American Conservative: Why Donors Must Abandon Their Ivy League Alma Maters Now

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