Off The Wall: Dungeon Cove

Dear Mike My wife is obsessed with Deadliest Catch. She has seen every episode multiple times. She also records Bering Sea Gold, Wild Pacific, Human Planet, How the Universe Works, and every other damn show you narrate – which appears to be all of them. Why do you suppose that is? Should I be worried? Will Blankenship Hi Will I’m not sure I understand your first question. If you’re asking why I narrate so many shows, it’s simply because I enjoy the work. If you’re asking why your wife is partial to the shows I narrate, I suspect it’s because Read More

Deadliest Catch’s Johnathan Hillstrand offers his kids’s books & Mike gives the coat off his back for C.R.A.P.

Another big day in the wide, wide world of C.R.A.P. (Collectibles Rare And Precious). My good friend Johnathan Hillstrand of Deadliest Catch — captain of the F/V Time Bandit and lover of motorcycles, broncos and women (he’s been thrown from all three) — has written a book: “Crab boat captain turned children’s book author” Three books, in fact: The Adventures of Little Bird: Pirate Dreams, The Adventures of Joey and Andy Crab: Crab Day Afternoon and The Adventures of Joey, Andy and Little Bird: A Pirate’s Treasure. And not only did Johnathan write them, he illustrated them as well. Through Read More