Off The Wall: You were right to warn us…

  Mike – You were right to warn us. I listened to that damn song, and now it’s stuck in my brain like gum on the soles of my shoes, just like it was 12 years ago! I must admit though, it was great then, and it’s even better now. Was it your idea to bring it back? How was it edited? Do you prefer it to the original? I have many questions…Darlene Cubee Hi Darlene Some of your questions are answered in the attached article, along with a story of how Discovery flew me back from Greenland to sing Read More

To The Hollywood Reporter

To The Hollywood Reporter Thanks to some vigilant fans on Facebook, I’ve been made aware of my #1 position on this week’s “Top TV Personalities Social Media Ranking!” I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the honor, sincerely, and offer one small clarification – if I may. I no longer work for CNN. Apparently, you guys have an old photo on file that features me standing in front of one of those ubiquitous backdrops covered with CNN’s logo. I noticed that you’ve used this several times in the past, but I’ve hesitated to say anything for fear of Read More

You’re Welcome Ben Bailey

The Discovery Channel is bringing back Cash Cab – good news for my old pal Ben Bailey, who according to the New York Post, has been dealing with a strange phenomena I understand all too well… “Bailey spent the five-year gap between the show’s return performing stand-up in comedy clubs, theaters, and colleges — but jokes that he’s also frequently mistaken for “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe. “It happens quite often,” he says. “I go right along with it and I say really offensive things to them. And I say, ‘That’s a message from me, Mike Rowe, to you.’” I Read More