The Winds of Fortune

I met Captain Wayne Magwood in 2005, back when he welcomed me aboard The Winds of Fortune, a shrimp boat that plied the waters off Shem Creek in South Carolina. We were shooting the second season of Dirty Jobs, and I wanted to do a story on the shrimp industry. I had just wrapped the first season of Deadliest Catch, and had a feeling that crustaceans in general were about to become popular with cable networks looking for new content, so I asked Barsky to look around the low country, for a Captain with the right stuff. Barsky found a Read More

Trudy Eastman ~ a Genuinely Remarkable Woman

Some sad news, I’m afraid. Trudy Eastman has died. Fans of Dirty Jobs will remember Trudy as the irrepressible plucker of geese, who kept me amused for the better part of a day with a stream of comments that I believed should be memorialized on a line of tee-shirts. Over the years, I have received many shirts with “Trudy-isms” embroidered thereon. Trudy was the real deal – a warm, funny, genuinely remarkable woman. I’m so glad I met her. My sympathies to her family, who were truly blessed to have such a soul among them for such a long time. Read More