Doug Stanley Update

I want to thank you guys for the overwhelming response to Doug Stanley’s Go Fund Me Page, which I shared here over the weekend. In less than 24 hours, we raised an additional $50,000, thanks to the people on this page. Simply incredible. Thousands of people with $5, $10 or $20 to spare, stopped by to say an encouraging word. Some people who wished to remain anonymous donated $500 and $1,000. I just heard from Doug’s brother, Todd, who is stunned, gobsmacked, grateful beyond words, and moved to tears. After reading through the comments, I am too.

It’s amazing how many people love Deadliest Catch, and simply want to help. That’s why I shared the link. What gets me most though, on a purely personal level, are the number of people who wrote something like, “I’ve never seen Deadliest Catch and I don’t know Doug Stanley, but if Mike Rowe says help is needed, I want to do something.”

That is truly, the highest compliment I could ever hope to receive in this miasma of social media, and a valuable reminder of the trust that so many of you have placed in me. It’s both flattering, gratifying, and sobering.

I use this page for lots of different things. I post jokes, I tell stories, I raise money for mikeroweWORKS, I weigh in from time to time on the issues of the day, and do what I can to keep the conversation lively. I rely on you guys for ideas. Collectively, you have programed Dirty Jobs, Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Returning the Favor, and The Way I Heard It. I also ask you, quite regularly, to do all sorts of things you might not want to do. Things like, watch my shows, buy my book, listen to my podcast, buy my mother’s book, share a SWEAT Pledge, read my dog’s blog, meet a new sponsor, or whatever.

Point is, I appreciate your support, immensely, but I never want you feel personally pressured to do anything, simply because I ask you to. I know it must feel like that sometimes. The whole world it seems, is asking us to click, link, like, share, go here, go there, do this, and do that. I get that I’m contributing to all the racket. I just wanted to say that beyond the many relationships with producers, publishers, networks, and various sponsors, I understand that my only real boss is you. The collective you. My job on this page is to direct your attention to whatever it is I’m up to at the moment, in the least annoying way possible. Sometimes, it’s a photo with a funny caption. Sometimes, it’s a text from my mother. Sometimes, it’s a sick friend in need. Either way, it’s a true honor to have your ear, and a real privilege to be in your employ.

Doug is hanging tough, and his family sends you all their deepest gratitude. Updates here, if you want to stay apprised.


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Update September 24, 2019