The Dirtiest Catch

For over a decade now, several Captains on The Bering Sea have tried to convince me that Deadliest Catch is dirtier than Dirty Jobs. Over the years, they’ve attempted to prove their point by sending me disgusting little videos of life on a crab boat – none of which could remotely rival the sophisticated smorgasbord of slime and grime we featured on my old show. This morning however, the attached video arrived, which I’ve just viewed during breakfast. Suffice it to say, breakfast was cut short.

To be clear, I am not recommending that you watch this. I’m only providing a link because I’ve promised the Captain’s I’d acknowledge any successful attempt on their behalf to ruin my appetite. As the show’s narrator and long time booster, I’m in no position to welch on a promise – even one made under the influence of multiple duck-farts. However, in the name of human decency, I will not provide a link without first providing a heartfelt disclaimer. So be advised:Deadliest Catch - Gross Video

If you’re curious about the disastrous effects of lancing a boil the size of an acorn without a eye protection, by all means proceed. If the sight of fisherman consuming copious quantities of blood and fish guts wets your whistle, then click away. And if you’re keen to learn how a man named “Bumper” wound up with a testicle the size of a human fist – and observe the testicle in Deadliest Catch - Gross Videoquestion – then please, sally forth with all due speed. Just know that – unlike Discovery – the Captains neither blur nor pixilate.

Anyway, you’ve been warned. Click at your own risk.

PS. Deadliest Catch. New Season. Tuesday March 29th. 9pm Eastern. ‪#‎HavingABallOnTheBeringSea‬

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