Off The Wall: Bobblehead Mishap

Carrie Perrell writes…

Hi Mike, had a little mishap with your Bobblehead. Please tell me you’re ok and these don’t function as would a voodoo doll. Freddie is fine and Donald Trump was unharmed. It’s appropriate that this happened while your Bobblehead was working, steadying my fern’s grow light.

Hi Carrie

This is my favorite post of the day.

First of all, your name is tremendous. Is it really yours? If so, please explain.

Secondly, what exactly happened? A “Fern” grow light failure? Really? I need more details, please.

Thirdly, does the Bobblehead still talk? If so, I must say I’m titillated by the prospect of talking calves.

Fourthly, The President seems indifferent to my current dilemma. Is it just a trick of the light?

Finally, is Freddy truly unscathed? Seems miraculous, given the extent and gravity of my injuries. In life, he’s been incredibly fortunate. It appears he’s equally blessed in resin.

For your trouble, I’m happy to have my office send a replacement. I’ll even autograph it, if you’d like. Assuming you’d be willing to do the same with my remains, and send them back.


PS Ironically, Mike Rowe Bobbleheads are now available for half-price, even though you still get a whole one. Such a deal…

PPS I’m fine, thank for asking.

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