Mike Laughs Off Lookalike Bank Robber: ‘He Totally Set Me Up!’

by Deborah Hastings Inside Edition Bank robbery is a really dirty business, but Mike Rowe wants you to know that he most certainly did not pull that heist in Oregon. The television host bears more than a slight resemblance to a stick-up artist who knocked over the Chase bank in Medford on Monday afternoon. After police posted surveillance video of baseball-cap-wearing bandit, the Internet lit up with posters noting the wanted guy looked an awful lot like the well-known former host of the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” series. (Inside Edition)

Mike Rowe Responds to TedWeekends Comments on Huffington Post

Last weekend Huffington Post posted Mike Rowe’s Ted Talk in their Ted Weekends series online and hundreds of comments poured in on the site. Mike Rowe responded to some of the comments and a few appeared underneath the Ted Talk on the Huffington Post site. There were a few more comments and responses from Mike’s fans that we thought should be posted here on the Profoundly Disconnected site. Let us know what you think. Johnjlws • 5 388 Fans Have a friend who teaches industrial technology in a middle school (7-8 graders). His equipment is something out of the 70’s Read More