The Kentucky Derby & mrWF’s Big Win!

Close One.

As you may have heard, American Pharoah just won the 141st Kentucky Derby in front of a record setting crowd at Churchill Downs. In other news, I did not.

However, as I watched the race unfold, I found myself reminiscing about my own storied history at this most august racetrack, awash in nostalgia and excitement. Moreover, I found myself yearning for the singular thrill of hanging onto a Hobby Horse at a full gallop – breeze in my face, crop in my hand, and forty-odd pounds of fake thoroughbred between my quivering thighs, straining for glory and the finish line with every rippling muscle. Good times.

Congrats to the owner, Ahmed Zayat, trainer Bob Baffert, and most of all, Victor Espinoza – a jockey of unparalleled guts and devastating athleticism.

Also – many, many thanks to another generous soul that just overbid in equally dramatic fashion for another American made Bobblehead of your’s truly.

The winning bid was $3,050.00, or approximately $2,850.00 more than it cost to make. Not as rich perhaps as the Derby, but most generous purse by any standard, and all for good cause.

The winning bidder wishes to remain anonymous, as the Bobblehead is a gift for a frequent visitor to this page, and I will obviously respect that request. But what I’d really like to do, is buy this person a pony and thank them from the depths of my soul. The next Bobblehead will appear shortly.

Till then, y’all have a nice weekend.


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