Dubiski Career High School & Holt Cat doing their part to Close the Skills Gap

Spent yesterday in Grand Prairie Texas, just outside Dallas. There’s a trade school there called Dubiski. They train kids for jobs that actually exist, and they are without question one of the best facilities I’ve ever seen. Nearby, there’s a Cat Dealership called Holt. As many of you know, Cat has supported my efforts with mikeroweWORKS for years. Down here in Texas, The Cat Dealership is always looking for kids with the talent and the work ethic required to repair and maintain really big machines. In the heat. Currently, they’re hiring, and the opportunities are really, really good. Long story Read More


Promoting STEM-related jobs at the Science, Technology, Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. (I thought it needed another “S.”) Here’s a link to press release full of exciting information that no one is ever going to read: mrW Joins Forces with USA Science & Engineering Festival on Pioneering Skilled Trades Pavilion Why? Because the only people who read press releases are the people who write them, and, of course, the people mentioned in them. Since I fall into the second group – and since I want you to be informed of all my movements – I have provided for your convenience Read More