C.R.A.P. AUCTION! Mike’s Dog Freddy Made from CAT® Parts!

Busy week here at mikeroweWORKS. After last weeks post about my Great Bobblehead Adventure, several hundred of you were kind enough to order one. That alone raised a quick $2,000 for the foundation. Additionally, Sean Greer bought my dirty and beaten CAT sweatshirt for $1,630.00, and a person who wished to remain anonymous paid over $600 for a bowling pin and a pair of my old bowling shoes. Finally, Leah Long, in what can only be described as a fit of breath-taking generosity, bid $3,650.00 for the 6th American Made, hand-signed Bobblehead of your’s truly and my ubiquitous mutt. We’re both humbled. Many thanks to all.

This week – speaking of my ubiquitous mutt – we have some C.R.A.P. that I am truly loathe to part with. It’s a sculpture of sorts, in honor of my dog, welded together by some technicians over at the Cat Dealership in Vegas. Through their skill and artistry, Freddy has been brought to life with actual Cat parts, which I believe makes him the first Dog ever assembled entirely from a Cat.
“Cat-Dog Freddy” was personally delivered to me by the lovely Josephine, who you’ll soon meet, along with her strict instructions to “not squirrel it away for myself,” but rather, “auction it off to the highest bidder and use the money for a good cause.” Which is precisely what I aim to do.

So, here it is – the very first “Cat-Dog,” inspired by young Freddy, for your consideration. He probably weighs four times as much as the real thing, but on the positive side, he won’t pee on your floor or fart in his sleep. Plus, you can hide things in his butt, which the real Freddy does not tolerate.Jo - Trucker Ambassador

Check it out here.


PS Josephine and I have been working together on a project to thank truckers for all they do. Typically, I make random phone calls on camera to truck drivers and she spins a prize wheel and we give away free stuff on the Internet. Weird, but nice. Check it out here.

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