The House of Deal

This morning, at exactly 7 AM Peoria time, something soft and furry landed on my face and begin to scream like a hungry baby.

As wake up calls go, this one was pretty effective, partly because I wasn’t expecting it, and partly because I had no idea the thing on my face was a cat. Which is why I screamed in return, threw the thing off my head, and dove headfirst out of my princess bed.
Let me back up.Mike Rowe - House of Deal - Alex

As some of you know, yesterday was my birthday. I was working in Chicago, and hustling to catch a flight to Peoria, where I have another shoot this morning with Caterpillar.

Several inteMike Rowe - House of Deal - Lillianresting things happened upon my arrival. First of all, my friends at Cat surprised me with a splendid party at Jimmy’s, a fine local joint I can now recommend without reservation. Then, I learned that all the hotels were booked on account of a big basketball tournament, and there were no rooms available in town. Happily a local family was leaving for vacation, and volunteered their home.

The Deals have three daughters, who judging from their photos, appear to be between the ages of nine and 15. I had my pick of their bedrooms, so when we arrived at their home late last night, I sampled each bed, briefly.

Alexandria’s was comfortable, but a little too soft for my taste.Mike Rowe - House of Deal - Family
Lillian’s was just a little too hard.
But Julianna’s was just right.

So, in spite of the canopy and the princess motif, I climbed in and immediately passed out.Mike Rowe - House of Deal - Julianna

I suspect I’d still be sleeping if the aforementioned puma hadn’t introduced itself in such a familiar fashion, but the adrenaline now coursing through my veins has made any possibility of additional slumber a dream.

So I am now in search of coffee, here in the House of Deal, on guard for any future surprises…



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