Busy Days in D.C. ~ From the Department of Defense to the Secretary of the Navy

  Friends – Busy days here in DC. Met some very important bureaucrats at The Department of Defense. Great guys actually, looking for a way to transition more soldiers into skilled occupations. I hope to help. Got a fantastic tour of the Pentagon. Saw the 9/11 Memorial. Stood at the point of impact. Dined in The Secretary of the Navy’s Executive Dining Room. Fancy china. Great Mess. Stopped by to see the Commandant of the Marine Corps. He was out, but I managed to score his official coin. Very cool. Saw Uday Hussien’s gold plated AK-47, hanging on a wall. Read More


Promoting STEM-related jobs at the Science, Technology, Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. (I thought it needed another “S.”) Here’s a link to press release full of exciting information that no one is ever going to read: mrW Joins Forces with USA Science & Engineering Festival on Pioneering Skilled Trades Pavilion Why? Because the only people who read press releases are the people who write them, and, of course, the people mentioned in them. Since I fall into the second group – and since I want you to be informed of all my movements – I have provided for your convenience Read More