Popular Science: Lessons about Labors No One Wants

How To Take Pride In A Shark Autopsy, And Other Lessons From Mike Rowe The former “Dirty Jobs” host has had his share of gross experiences in the workforce By Popular Science Staff This article was originally published in the February 2015 issue of Popular Science, as part of our Top 10 Worst Jobs In Science feature. As the longtime host of the show Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe tried out hundreds of distasteful tasks. Now he’s got a new job himself: Each week on CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, he seeks out people passionate about weird work. Rowe, in other Read More

Mike Talks about the Value of Learning a Skilled Trade

Mike opens up on pay, public office and the ‘skills gap’ “I’d love to see every hard worker paid handsomely, including teachers.” ~ Mike Rowe (CNN) — Between Mike Rowe’s television work and his philanthropic efforts with the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, Rowe holds true to one central passion: tipping his hat to those who work hard without much fanfare. In Rowe’s new CNN series, he takes us to meet all of these folks who are the “somebodys” that “gotta do it!” He also wants to re-introduce himself to you. With the help of this Q&A, Rowe lets us in Read More