Tracy Wilson is “Trading Up!”

Lots of ongoing debate from our conversation earlier this week about the various types of “affinity groups” at Harvard and other large universities who emphasize individual traits like race and ethnicity. As I may have mentioned, mikeroweWORKS encourages a different kind of affinity. For the last sixteen years, we’ve been assembling a group of people with an affinity for hard work, a positive attitude, an aversion to debt, and the willingness to learn a skill that’s in demand. So far, we’ve found two thousand such individuals and assisted them in the process of getting the training they need to begin a career in the skilled trades. One of those individuals is Tracy Wilson, and it’s my pleasure to introduce her to you now.

Tracy’s story is inspirational, her work ethic is impressive, and her affinity for the trades is undeniable. She’s exactly the kind of person we’re looking to assist. Check out this short video, and feel free to share it, if you’d like to see more people with Tracy’s affinity featured on a national platform. Also, Tracy will be joining me tonight at 8pm on News Nation, with a few of our other scholarship recipients, for a one-hour special called Trading Up. Check it out.

PS. As you may have heard, mikeroweWORKS has set aside a million dollars for the next round of work ethic scholarships. Do what Tracy Wilson did a few years ago, and apply today at And to find News Nation on your screen go to