Psst… Wanna Buy a Stadium Buddy? with Jordan Harbinger (Ep. 379)

Mike – Why do you constantly threaten to fire Chuck? Is he really that incompetent? I find him delightful, and enjoy it when things go off the rails. Please don’t fire him. By the way, the current episode with Jordan H. is one of the best interviews I’ve ever listened to. Thanks.
Terry DiPietro

Hi Terry – There’s probably a rule in California about firing someone you’ve known for 46 years, so Chuck is probably safe. But then again, consider this, from the episode you just mentioned, and put yourself in my place. (How did a weekly podcast become more challenging than Dirty Jobs?)

Jordan Harbinger, by the way, was not only an excellent conversationalist who excused himself in the middle of an other wise riveting conversation to urinate, (which I appreciated),, but tried to do Chuck’s job for him, as evidenced below. Good times…
Enjoy, and have a happy Saturday.

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