FORBES: Dispelling 5 Damaging Myths About Blue Collar Labor

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Once a week, I try to highlight an example of how the media makes work into the enemy, either by vilifying particular jobs outright, or minimizing the importance of things like ambition and work ethic. Sadly, there’s no shortage of such dreck, and I appreciate that many of you are posting the most egregious examples on my wall for some much needed public shaming. I’ll highlight a few of those turds later in the week, but for now – in the spirit of rewarding articles I’d like to encourage in the mainstream – may I direct your attention to this?

This is an article over at Forbes, and the writer – Kathy Caprino – is doing a great job of promoting jobs that actually exist. This week, she’s dedicated a lot of space to the mikeroweWORKS message, and I suspect her bosses would make even more room in the future if pieces like this get some traction. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’ll retweet it, (whatever the hell that means,) if they get a few positive comments.

Which is a long way of saying, give this a look, and if you like it, share it real hard.

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The Dirtiest Man On TV Dispels 5 Damaging Myths About Blue Collar Labor

By Kathy Caprino

Part of the new series “Supporting Today’s Workforce”

Every once in a while, we come across someone – either in the media, on TV or YouTube, or right next door – who captivates our attention because of their passion and love for what they’re doing. They radiate excitement about the possibilities, enthusiasm for life and what they’re focused on and learning, and a deep commitment to helping others create more success (and fulfillment) doing work they love.

Read the complete article – HERE.