WSJ: Debunking “Free College for all”

I am not one to say “I told you so,” but if I were, this would be a swell time to do it. A very smart man named James Piereson has not only written an excellent article in The Wall St. Journal debunking a few of the many flaws in “free college for all,” he has quoted yours truly not once, but twice. This, as my father just informed me, would seem to indicate that I have not been talking exclusively to myself for the last eight years.

Modesty aside, it’s very flattering to learn that someone with actual qualifications and genuine bona fides not only agrees with me, but quotes me in one of the best opinion pieces I’ve ever read on education. No one genuinely concerned by the advent of a two-tiered economy can read this article and conclude that “free college for everyone” is prudent, or even realistic. The author also points out, quite rightly in my view, that skilled labor could play a role in determining the outcome of this election. Closing the skills gap is massive issue that neither candidate currently owns. It should be a non-partisan topic, but that word no longer applies to, well…anything. It’ll be interesting to see which side makes it theirs.

Regardless, I’ll be here, trying real hard not to say…you know…


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