Happy Birthday Dani…Again

Check out a couple of Facebook friends who snuck backstage at The Science Festival. Some of you might recall Evan – a thoughtful guy who requested an original birthday song for his girlfriend, Dani. Thanks to a few beers and a generous donation to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, I complied. That was a year ago. So, unless the custom has changed, I suppose Dani just celebrated another one. Which is the only possible justification to call your attention to this heartfelt expression of musical excess. [youtube url=”http://youtu.be/2SrKmtgMtYs” width=”400″ height=”200″] Crank it up, and Happy Birthday, Dani. (Two days late.)

America Gets a “D” in Infrastructure

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers issues an “Infrastructure Report Card.” This year we got a “D.” Again. It’s been this way since 1998. (Technically, this year was a “D+” but I never saw the value in assigning pluses or minuses. When I grew up, D’s had consequences that came in the form of extra chores. And a D+ meant the same thing as a D-. But whatever.) Studies show most people don’t know or care about infrastructure grades, in part because we don’t really care about the infrastructure itself. Until the bridge collapses or the steam Read More

Hey Mike – We’re Not Qualified for Your Scholarship

Today’s “Hey Mike!” come from yesterdays post. Dallas Pierce writes… “Hey Mike – The problem is that people like me would love to take you up on your offer and learn a viable trade, but we aren’t qualified for your scholarship.” I hear you, Dallas. That is a problem. Also – many who are eligible are simply not geographically suitable for the schools that participate. Also a bummer. Happily, we have several other programs, including one that isn’t tied to a specific school. In the interest of full-disclosure though, I should tell you that all mikeroweWORKS scholarships are essentially “Work Read More

Naked Mike Unauthorized Video

The Naked Truth Question: If I were to form “The American Idol Scholarship Fund” and announce $15,000 of professional training for anyone who wished to become a pop star, how long do you think it would take to give away a million dollars? A day? An hour? A minute? What if I offered the same money to anyone who wanted to learn how to maintain and repair diesel engines? How fast would the million dollars go then? Currently, this question has no official answer. But I can tell you this – for the last month, mikeroweWORKS has been offering FULL-RIDE Read More

Mike Writes About His Time In DC

I’m typing in the back of a taxi just outside Logan Airport, headed to an event in Boston. DC was great, but I’m happy to be out of there. Lots of rain, lots of traffic, lots of gridlock – metaphorical and otherwise. The place always makes me feel 15 minutes late, even when I’m early. Congress was a kick, as always. I spoke to the House Committee on Natural Resources this time, and addressed my comments to The Honorable Doc Hastings. Prior to that, we took a selfie, at the Chairmans request. Brave new world… My message was one you’ve probably Read More

Mike Writes about DC and USASEF

Well, that was fun! Two speeches, three panels, 7 interviews, hundreds of exhibitors, one robot, a truck from the future, my very own security team, a Swiss Ambassador, and 400,000 visitors. I’m pretty sure I met them all. Far as I’m concerned, STEM now means “Spectacular Turnout Enveloping Mike.” Not that I’m complaining. The mikeroweWORKS Pavilion was a big hit, and I’m humbled by the enthusiasm that surrounded our little slice of the festival. It didn’t really hit me until I walked through it myself, but 12,000 square feet is a crap-load of space, and I can’t believe who we Read More

Hey Mike: I’m flying on a Jet Plane answering your Questions

Flying back from Boston. My seat-mate thinks I’m the guy from the Maytag commercials, and I’ve been acting the part. I can only hope the new Maytag Guy is returning the favor on some other flight. Anyway, it seems an ideal time to answer some questions from The Wall in a fit of viewer engagement I like to call, “Hey Mike!” Dwayne Newton writes: “Hey Mike! Do you know in the episode dairy cow midwife – which I am watching now – you got a booger hanging from your Snauz?” Actually Dwayne, that wasn’t a booger. That was a piece Read More

Testifying before Congress Prep

It’s late. I’m testifying before Congress tomorrow morning. In the spirit of responsible preparation, I’ve located a quiet corner in a Georgetown bar, liberated a bottle of grapes, and jotted down a few thoughts. I’ve just finished the first and last draft, and given myself two thumbs up. Tomorrow, I’ll lose the hat, don a tasteful blazer, and read my thoughts in a crisp, well-modulated baritone. Wish me well.   See how Mike did – Mike Testifies Before House Committee on Natural Resources

Busy Days in D.C. ~ From the Department of Defense to the Secretary of the Navy

  Friends – Busy days here in DC. Met some very important bureaucrats at The Department of Defense. Great guys actually, looking for a way to transition more soldiers into skilled occupations. I hope to help. Got a fantastic tour of the Pentagon. Saw the 9/11 Memorial. Stood at the point of impact. Dined in The Secretary of the Navy’s Executive Dining Room. Fancy china. Great Mess. Stopped by to see the Commandant of the Marine Corps. He was out, but I managed to score his official coin. Very cool. Saw Uday Hussien’s gold plated AK-47, hanging on a wall. Read More

OFF THE WALL – Fan Mail Mixup

Sadly, today’s letter comes from a former fan. “I called Mikes company to request an autograph for my son and the secretary (male) said, “Even if I knew his representative, I wouldn’t give you any information. * hangs up* MIKE, you just lost a family of fans. Next time, choose a better company. Katie Bremer Chen” Hi Katie This is indeed, troubling. Like you, I’ve been operating under the assumption that everything I read on the world wide web is one hundred percent true. Alas, your note, and some recent correspondence with a deposed Nigerian Prince, have lead me to Read More

War on Hard Work Continues

It now appears we have a new culprit that explains the cause of global warming – hard work. Early this morning, one of San Francisco’s free newspapers found it’s way to the sidewalk in front of my apartment, proving yet again that you don’t always get what you pay for. Because I abhor litter, I picked it up for deposit it in my mandatory recycling container. But not before glancing at the headline. Apparently, this is their annual Green Issue, and their contention is pretty straightforward – work is killing the planet. Below the headline it gets better – “Climate Read More

Mike Gives Dear Abby Advice to a Fan

Saturday Mail Call Hey Mike! I’ve spent this last year trying to figure out the right career for myself and I still can’t figure out what to do. I have always been a hands on kind of guy and a go-getter. I could never be an office worker. I need change, excitement, and adventure in my life, but where the pay is steady. I grew up in construction and my first job was a restoration project. I love everything outdoors. I play music for extra money. I like trying pretty much everything, but get bored very easily. I want a Read More

Guess What? It’s National Lineman Appreciation Day

Swear to God. Last year, the Senate passed Resolution 95, which officially designates April 18th as the day in which all sane and thoughtful Americans should pause to recognize both the profession and the individual contributions of linemen. Of course, the absurd thing about this Resolution, is that it only sets aside one day for said recognition. One day? Seriously? What are they thinking? This should be a month long event. A week at the very least! Here’s the deal – if all the linemen (and women) called in sick for just one day, things would get very cold, very Read More

Navy SEALS Bearing Gifts!

On any given day, you never know who is going to walk into mikeroweWORKS World Headquarters, or what they’re going to be holding. Here for instance, is Captain Duncan Smith of The Naval Special Warfare Recruiting Directorate. Captain Smith is a Navy SEAL. He stopped by the other day to present me with an official Navy Seal Flipper. It’s a very nice flipper, studier than most, and made of what appears to be vulcanized rubber. Unlike most other flippers, this one has a plaque on it, thanking me for a small service I was happy to offer the SEALS last Read More

Mike in This Months “At Home in Berks” Magazine

Mike wrote an article for the Home Builder Association of Berks magazine “At Home in Berks” about the worst advice he ever received. He explains why “Work Smart Not Hard” is such a dangerous concept, and why he believes “Work Smart AND Hard” is just the message our country needs to hear. Read an  online version of the article here. Support the mikeroweWORKS Foundation by purchasing a “Work Smart AND Hard Poster”