Guess What? It’s National Lineman Appreciation Day

Swear to God.

Last year, the Senate passed Resolution 95, which officially designates April 18th as the day in which all sane and thoughtful Americans should pause to recognize both the profession and the individual contributions of linemen.

Of course, the absurd thing about this Resolution, is that it only sets aside one day for said recognition. One day? Seriously? What are they thinking? This should be a month long event. A week at the very least!

Here’s the deal – if all the linemen (and women) called in sick for just one day, things would get very cold, very hot, and very dark – very fast. If they all stay home for a week? Pandemonium. Chaos. Dogs and cats, livin’ together.

I did this job for a day in Wyoming, and walked funny all month. These men (and women) are on call around the clock. They are fearless and dedicated and crazy brave. And they are quite possibly the toughest bunch of professionals I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with in a very long time.

So thanks men, (and women) for keeping my shower hot, my beer cold, and my computer humming along in a (mostly) Clean and Well-Lighted Place.

Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman


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