Navy SEALS Bearing Gifts!

On any given day, you never know who is going to walk into mikeroweWORKS World Headquarters, or what they’re going to be holding.

Here for instance, is Captain Duncan Smith of The Naval Special Warfare Recruiting Directorate. Captain Smith is a Navy SEAL. He stopped by the other day to present me with an official Navy Seal Flipper. It’s a very nice flipper, studier than most, and made of what appears to be vulcanized rubber. Unlike most other flippers, this one has a plaque on it, thanking me for a small service I was happy to offer the SEALS last year. Pretty cool.

And here is Gunnery Sergeant Pete McKinney. Sergeant McKinney arrived shortly after Captain Smith departed. He was on his way back to Twenty-nine Palms from God knows where, and stopped by to give me a ceremonial sword. At least, I think it’s ceremonial. It could be the real thing, which will come in handy around the office. Either way, Gunney McKinney is a US Marine, and he was asked by his officer-in-charge – Captain Mike Ulmer – to present me with a token of gratitude in recognition of a small service I was able to offer the Marines a few months ago.

Sadly, I was out of the office for both visits, and missed the opportunity to personally receive my Commemorative Flipper and my Ceremonial Sword. That’s too bad, because in the history of the world, I’m pretty sure no one has ever received both items in the same day. Or for that matter, had the occasion to reference “Commemorative Flipper” and “Ceremonial Sword” in the same sentence.

I will nevertheless treasure both, and display them side by side. I’ll also look forward to the next opportunity to be of service in whatever way I can. Thanks guys. It’s a privilege and an honor to be of use. See you next time.



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