OFF THE WALL – Fan Mail Mixup

Sadly, today’s letter comes from a former fan.

“I called Mikes company to request an autograph for my son and the secretary (male) said, “Even if I knew his representative, I wouldn’t give you any information. * hangs up*

MIKE, you just lost a family of fans. Next time, choose a better company.

Katie Bremer Chen”

Hi Katie

This is indeed, troubling. Like you, I’ve been operating under the assumption that everything I read on the world wide web is one hundred percent true. Alas, your note, and some recent correspondence with a deposed Nigerian Prince, have lead me to conclude otherwise.

To be clear, I have no agent, no manager, and no PR representatives. Nor do I employ a male secretary. I hope that isn’t sexist. I’m not opposed to the notion of hiring a man to answer the phone – I just can’t seem to find one with a crisp, well-modulated contralto. More importantly, Fan Mail Biz is not my company. I’ve never heard of them, and I’m very sorry you were lead to believe otherwise.

Point is Katie, I feel your pain, and I wish the Interwebs were a more trustworthy source of celebrity information. I realize it’s probably too late, but perhaps a signed photo with my compliments will help restore your faith in the species? If so, please send me your address as I’d be happy to personally send the above image to your address, from my hotel here in Washington.

Typically, I charge for personalized photos, and use the money to fund our ongoing PR campaign for skilled labor. But given your recent ordeal, I’d be a happy to send this along with my compliments. Or, you can always check out The Filthy-Foto-of-The-Month Club. It’s not really a Club. But like me, supplies are limited, and the image changes every month.

Sorry for all the bother.


PS If you get any unsolicited emails from a Nigerian Prince, heads up. I don’t think he’s he’s actual royalty…

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