An unexpected greeting from Bering Sea Gold’s Shawn Pomrenke

Here’s an unexpected Easter greeting from Shawn Pomrenke – a guy I’ve never met but whose name I utter several times a week.

Shawn makes his living in Nome Alaska, mining for gold on the bottom of the Bering Sea. If you’ve watched Bering Sea Gold you’ve seen him do things that would cause most sane people to soil their drysuit, and heard me sing his praises on the show. Anyway, Shawn’s work ethic is legendary, and I was flattered to learn he’s familiar with my Work Ethic Scholarship Program. As you’ll see in the attached ten second video, Shawn has donated half an ounce of gold personally pulled from The Bering Sea to mikeroweWORKS.

The gold itself is worth about $500, and my plan was to cash it in and put it toward our next round of scholarships. But then I thought – wait a moment…gold from the bottom of The Bering Sea? Vacuumed up by “Mr. Gold” himself? Seems a discriminating collector or true fan of the show might see this for the unique collectible it so clearly is. So here’s the plan –

The vial of gold should arrive tomorrow. I’m going to mount it on a tasteful background next to a photo of Shawn, and surround it with a suitable frame. I’m going to post an image of that as soon as I can, and offer it to the highest bidder over the next few days. Proceeds will benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. The bidding however, will start immediately, in order to conclude by Wednesday, 9 pm Eastern Time, when the new Season of Bering Sea Gold will premiere on Discovery.

Feel free to bid as generously as you can, and thank Shawn for his generosity. I sure appreciate it.

Happy Easter

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