Off the Wall: Will You Do More Dirty Jobs?

Mike – I want to thank you not just for bringing back Dirty Jobs, but for celebrating America’s infrastructure with your first episode. What an epic hour of essential work. The Rodbusters are superhuman, and the Galvanizers are…galvanizing! Thank you for shining a light on those who labor out of sight, and far too often, out of mind. I hope you’re happy with the show, and I hope it rated through the roof. Will you do more? Claudette Edwards



Hi Claudette –
It was a privilege to work with two great crews on two totally different projects. Big thanks to everyone at Shelby Erectors and Azz Galvanizing for their hospitality, and for their best efforts to work me into the dirt. And a big thanks to you for watching, Claudette, and to everyone else who shares your elevated taste in non-fiction programming. I’ve attached a few photos from last night’s episode. Do with them what you will. As for more episodes, we’ll see what the network wants, and what the schedule allows. As long as I’m upright, I’m game for more!


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