Off The Wall: Knobel Whiskey Looking Good

Mike – As a professional photographer, (fashion, mostly), and long-time whiskey lover, (Bourbons, for the most part), I was delighted to learn that Knobel tastes as good as it looks. And that’s saying something. Because your whiskey looks really, really good! My compliments to the photographer. Somebody knows what they’re doing, for real!
Martin James

Hi Martin
I’ve been delighted, flattered, (and relieved), by the response to Knobel Tennessee Whiskey. My Pop would be proud, and it’s been fun to watch it grow over the last year. As for the photos, I assume you’re referring to these, which were taken by Don Ventre in a factory and a garage in Cincinnati. Funny story…

The photos taken in the factory were a total accident. Don was there to photograph a new machine in action, but a critical part didn’t arrive as scheduled. Rather than just sit around all morning, Don grabbed a bottle of Knobel, (which he apparently travels with), and set up a few quick shots that will probably win some kind of award. The grinder in the background is pretty great.

The stuff in the garage was a bit more deliberate. Every detail, every tool, every shadow and shaft of light was carefully and meticulously designed and styled. I’m not invited to shoots like this, because I lack the patience required for this level of detail and nuance. On Dirty Jobs, we don’t even do second takes, but here, you can see how a single bottle of whiskey requires the undivided attention of three professional photographers, a stylist, a digitech, and a guy named Vinnie, who just happened to be Don’s nextdoor neighbor, and, who just happened to have a pair of hands that look good holding a bottle of whiskey. I also love the fact that this is the garage Don uses in real life, and this is his actual mechanic, Keith Brogan. Big thanks to him, along with Laura Klasamer, Mark Corelli, and Don Ventre for treating photography like the skilled trade it is.


PS. Since we now live in a time where the words, “This Bag is NOT a Toy” appear on bags all over the country, I suppose I should say that Knobel Whiskey should NOT be consumed while operating heavy machinery in a factory, or in a garage while fixing someone’s vehicle. Nor is it intended to be opened with a wrench, as certain idiots might assume the photo implies.

PPS As long as I’m pointing out the obvious, I should also tell you that you can get a bottle for yourself at And yes, it really does taste as good as it looks. And yes, every online purchase benefits the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

PPPS Finally, and apropos of nothing, the season finale of Dirty Jobs airs tomorrow night at 8PM on Discovery. I don’t want to say too much, but beavers will be squeezed…More on that, later.
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