Off the Wall: Dirty Jobs in Harmony

Mike – I saw an old episode of Dirty Jobs today where you sang a song at a garbage dump. It was catchy. Sounded like you were singing the harmony in the background, as well as the melody. Is that music available anywhere? I’d like to see if I could get my chorus at school to sing it. Thanks.
Tom Fogle

Hi Tom – I don’t have the sheet music handy, but here are the parts I made up many years ago, after a long day of filming at an oyster gathering operation in South Carolina. I actually wrote it in a bathroom, and sang it on an episode back in Season 1 with a local guy who just happened to have a guitar. This is what it sounds like 20 years later, with no accompaniment, (and after a couple drinks.) If your chorus can deconstruct it, be my guest! Just post the results here so I can see what you did.

PS. New episode tonight at 8. There will be no singing, but cats will howl!
PPS Barbershop Harmony Society – Somebody please do this better. Crossroads Quartet ? Chorus of the Chesapeake? Vocal Majority?

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