Thanks to all the good people

A quick thanks to all the 2,300 good people who joined me last night at The Paramount Theater in Seattle. What a blast. Historically, I’ve not had the chance to do these kinds of events – what with the schedule from hell – but I’m glad we made the time, and I’m flattered by the turnout and the enthusiasm. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more.

A special thanks to the folks who stuck around backstage till midnight for handshakes and selfies and awkward hugs. I don’t know if you felt like the “VIP’s” your tickets said you were, but I sure appreciate your patience. In particular, The Wounded Warriors who joined us were a special surprise, and I truly enjoyed our conversation regarding the daily incineration10463956_1136166739726801_2760352267044962835_n of human feces in Afghanistan and Iraq. All I can say is, “you win.”

Also, a big thanks to Adam Snyder for bidding way too much for a bag of swag. Everyone at MRW appreciates it.

mike rowe - shari lobdell - paramount theatreFinally, a quick shoutout to Shari – the Redhead from Spokane and longtime fan of Dirty Jobs who’s become a good friend and trusted employee of mikeroweWORKS. Thanks for all your help and continued loyalty. Regards to Raspy!

I’m off to St. Louis for this and that. Freddy apologizes for his recent absence, but vows to do better this week. We’ll see.


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