So I made it to The Paramount Theater in Seattle

So I made it to The Paramount Theater in Seattle, and was devastated to see that no one showed up but me. Then, I realized I was a day early, which almost never happens…
This is gonna be fun. Thank you all for your prior suggestions – I now have the makings of an actual act, composed entirely of your ideas. I’ve also just learned the Paramount has freed up an additional 50 VIP tickets.

These tickets only work if you’ve already purchased regular seat. So, if you’re coming to show but didn’t get a VIP ticket, and now feel terrible about that most regrettable decision, here’s your shot at redemption, and a chance to be a “Very Important Person.”Mike Rowe - Dirty Talk - Paramount Theatre

A brief word concerning VIP expectations – this is not, sadly, and opportunity for you and I to sit down at a bar and catch up like old friends. This is a chance to come back stage, grab a quick photo, say hello, and share a brief moment of genuine intimacy that no one can ever take away from either of us. And of course, leave with a signed memento from the show.

Hope to see you in Seattle –

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