I Just Don’t Feel Like It

Fridays With Freddy

Carla Mccubbins writes,

“Missing my Freddy fix, what’s up?”

Dear Carla,

Just because it’s Friday dear, doesn’t mean I’m talking,
And just because I’m on a leash, doesn’t mean I’m walking.
I hate to disappoint the throng that waits for words profound,
I know the biped hates it when I plop upon the ground.
But sometimes life requires from us, an independent streak,
And sometimes pushing back a bit, will show that we’re not weak.
So even though you’d like to see me prancing down the street
Prattling off some sentiment, thoughtful and discreet,
The simple truth today is this – I’m just not up for walking,
And even though it’s Friday hon, I just don’t feel like talking!


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