The Way I Heard It – The Final Book Chapter

This week on the podcast, my mother stops by to discuss the final chapter in my book, and the next chapter in her life. As always, it’s a fun and delightful hang, with a few surprises. Attached are some highlights, for your edification and/or amusement. As discussed, the time has come to figure out what to do next, in the strange world of Podcastlandia. I’m tempted to simply keep the same format going, wherein Chuck and I – along with an occasional guest – would continue to take a deeper dive into the old stories. Might be a fun way Read More

Off The Wall: I Was In Mary Poppins!

Mike – Do you have as much fun recording your podcast as it sounds like you’re having? Keep up the great work. Each one is better than the last, and the last one is always great! Ronnie Lawhon Thanks, Ronnie. The short answer is “yes.” The proof is attached. And here’s a link to the current episode, which I must admit, modesty aside, is pretty good. Mike’s Facebook Page