It’s a Wonderful Life with Body Armor with Scott Mann

I read some articles today about the way 9/11 has become for many Americans, just another occasion to mark in history – like Pearl Harbor, The Cuban Missile Crisis, or The Fall of the Berlin Wall. I understand that for those who weren’t alive when the attacks took place, events like these can’t be felt – they can only be taught. But it bothers me that so many who were alive are actively going through “the exercise of forgetting.” And I find it kind of appalling that certain journalists and professors have discouraged us from “living in the past” on days like these. Recency bias aside, it just seems way too early for that.

Couple days ago on my podcast, I had a conversation with a Retired Lt. Colonel named Scott Mann. I’m posting it a day early, because I can’t think of a more appropriate conversation to share on this day, especially for those of you weren’t around to remember 9/11. Because, if you’re too young to remember that date, you’re not too young to remember our catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, twenty years later. And that’s an event you should never forget. Because what we did to thousands of loyal Afghans who fought beside Green Berets like Scott Mann, is nothing short of shameful.

Sorry if that sounds too political, but it doesn’t matter to me who was president or what party was calling the shots – the decision to abandon those men and women to the Taliban is the worst kind of betrayal I’ve ever seen, and no one alive is in a better position to discuss that undeniable fact, than Scott Mann. How he and a team of private citizens built an underground railroad 7,000 miles away from Abbey Gate and saved the lives of over 500 people marked for death by the Taliban, will make you proud to be an American. Unfortunately, the decisions of those in power who failed to assist him or expand upon the excellent plan he and his team implemented, will make you angry. As will the completely unnecessary deaths of 13 Americans who died in the chaos.

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