“A Handsome Guy Who Likes to Lick You” (Ep. 348)

If kids say “the darndest things” – as a TV show from my youth once insisted – what do moms say? I’ll let you decide, as you consider the title of this episode – another direct quote from America’s Grandmother. The whole ridiculous conversation can be heard

on Apple: https://apple.co/46vc6GY or Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3tbsdv0

In other news, I’ll be in LA next week, where I’ve asked Chuck, (whom I’ve yet to fire), to build a modest set from which I can interview people in person, from time to time. I’ll test the new setup with a mailbag episode that Chuck will facilitate. If you have any questions related to the podcast, mikeroweWORKS, Dirty Jobs, Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Returning the Favor, The Story Behind the Story, How America Works, current events, ancient events, or the family reunion I just experienced, fire away. No topic is off-limits, except those I choose to ignore. You may also direct questions specifically to Chuck who will happily answer pretty much anything, (assuming I haven’t fired him by then.)

And now, with no further ado, my mother…

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