The Ring of Sting with Smoking’ Ed Currie (Ep. 321)

Ed Currie grows the hottest peppers in the world. I know this, because I visited him a few years ago at the PuckerButt Pepper Company, where I saw firsthand what happens to a human being who eats one. (Sorry, Zack!) Ed’s story is, frankly, too extraordinary to tell on a single segment of Dirty Jobs, but perfect for a format like this one. Nevermind his crazy hot peppers, or the business he’s built around them, or his legions of pepperheads and devoted followers – Ed’s personal journey is riveting. Just how exactly, does a drug addict that weighs 370 lbs and drinks over a gallon and a half of vodka every day, wind up clean and sober and 200 pounds lighter with a preternatural penchant for peppers? The answer is here, and absolutely worth your time. Bon appetit!

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