America’s Founding Son (Ep. 325)

Bob Crawford plays the standup bass in a remarkable band called The Avett Brothers. They’re extraordinary. If you’re not familiar with them, you may acquaint yourself here. Bob also plays the fiddle and the trumpet, but between gigs, he’s a history geek currently obsessed with the sixth president of the United States. For this reason, Bob Crawford is definitely a person you should know.

It would be impossible to argue that John Quincy Adams was America’s greatest president. But according to Bob – and many presidential historians – it would be impossible to find a more consequential ex-president. John Quincy Adams is not a founding father – he’s a founding son. He paved the way for Lincoln, and his oratory and unwavering conviction did more to rid America of slavery than any other elected official I can think of. Bob’s enthusiasm for this topic, along with his love of history and music, are infectious. And his podcast on JQA is a must listen for anyone remotely interested in history. Our whole conversation is here. It’s a good one.

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