A Beer, Some Nachos, and a Barstool with Dr. John Delony (EP. 343)

If you’ve ever felt anxious for reasons you don’t quite understand, this is the episode for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve ever felt anxious for reasons you can perfectly explain, this is the episode for you.

My guest is a funny and charming guy with a couple of PhDs called Dr. John Delony. As impressed as I am by his various degrees in his chosen field and his obvious grasp of the topic at hand, I’m more impressed with his unique approach to mental health, his willingness to discuss his own shortcomings, and his sense of humor. Combined, I think he possesses the qualities most necessary to treat our collective angst. And boy oh boy, is our angst collective. With the possible exception of The Bay of Pigs and 9/11, I don’t think I’ve lived through a time where there’s been more widespread anxiety, than right now.

There’s no quick fix, obviously, and no snappy bromides or platitudes, but there are some things we can do to make ourselves a little less crazy. Dr. John has helped a lot of people. I have no idea if his words will inspire you, but they made an impression on me. You can listen to them here – Apple and Spotify.

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