About Your Father: Birthday Present Pre-order

I just got off the phone with my mother, who is celebrating her 82nd birthday today by playing cards in the lobby of a Comfort Inn somewhere with my father and youngest brother. Last night, she slept for approximately half-an-hour on the “auto-train,” which my father insisted on taking from Baltimore, so that he can have his car in West Palm, while visiting my other brother. I feel sorry for my mother, and somewhat guilty for not having an address to send her flowers, or some other token of my affection. So I did the only thing I could do Read More

Mom Called – The Bonus Story

A hotel room in Kansas City. 8:44am. Mike Rowe, late for a breakfast meeting, emerges from his shower to answer a phone that won’t stop ringing… Me: Hello? Mom: Michael, it’s your mother. Me: Your Majesty! How may I assist you today? Mom: I have a few questions. Me: Shoot. Mom: I just went to the new page where people can preorder my book. Me: Do you like it? Mom: Yes, but I have a few suggestions. Me: Crap. Mom: Language, Michael. Me: How many suggestions? Mom: I’ll send you a list. Me: Great. Anything else? I’ve got a roomful Read More

About My Mother…Sold Out Again

Ashley Lane writes, “Have the additional 200 copies sold out already? eBay is telling me out of stock already!” Hi Ashley. Sorry, all 200 are gone. They sold out in four minutes. My plan was to order another batch today, but a number of publishers reached out over the weekend, so I need to connect with them first and then make a decision about the best way to go. Bottom line, more copies will definitely be made available – I just don’t know when. Possibly as early as September, but maybe not till the end of the year. I’ll know Read More