BONUS: Vacuuming in the Nude Chapters 3 & 4

According to Chuck, my podcast has nearly 40,000 five-star reviews and lots glowing comments. He seems to think this is significant, so I just went over to see for myself, and found this, from “Blazin Asian.”

“I didn’t think it could get better! While I love mike’s honesty with every podcast, hearing Peggy’s book puts Mike Rowe to shame. It’s almost as if the real purpose of Mike Rowe was to bring us Peggy Rowe, and her remarkable book for free! Thank you both!”

And this, from BigTomTrucker

“Your voice is one of the best out there, Mike, and you can tell a story better than most. But not better than your mother! Sorry, but she’s a true natural. Smooth, warm, wise, and knowing. Such a pleasure to listen to. Good luck keeping up!”

It’s good to be humbled before 7am.

Chapters 3 and 4 of my mom’s audio book are now available on my podcast platform.
Listen at your leisure, and review as you see fit.

If you missed chapters 1&2, here you go.…/8174388-bonus-vacuuming-in-the..
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