BONUS: Vacuuming in the Nude Chapters 5 & 6

I asked my mother to send me a picture to accompany the link to her audiobook, and this is what I got. Maybe it’s just the faded colors, or the lingering effect of watching The Shining, (which I just did,) or all the Halloween decor around here, but I’m not at all comforted by this photo. The dark circles under her eyes, the creepy smile, the haircut from hell…she looks like a kid who would sic her dog on you, or maybe start a fire with her telekinetic powers.

That’s not at all what happens, of course, in Chapters 5 and 6 of her new book, which you can listen to for free. What you’ll hear instead, are some more warm and funny recollections from her now distant youth, and her love for Topper, who I never had the pleasure to meet, but was by all accounts, a good dog.

Enjoy, and happy Halloween in advance.

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