Off The Wall: Give Me The Boot!

“I missed out on the Wolverine fundraiser, but I’d pay a thousand dollars for your old work boots. They’re yummy. I don’t even care if they’re my size, as my plans don’t involve wearing them. Please don’t judge…just take the money and send me those boots!”
Karla J.

“How much do you want for your old boots? (I’m asking for a friend.)”
Dennis Ports

“Is it weird that I had a dream about your work boots last night? Is it weird that I was wearing them?”
Diane Golden

Hello friends

Far be it from to decide what’s weird and what isn’t. But I do know a good idea when I hear one. Thus, the fate of my favorite boots is no longer in my hands, and my feet, no longer in their warm and leathery embrace. Their future will now be determined by the highest bidder.

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